The digestive tract is a complex system. Its basic function is to move food and liquid, which is broken down into small enough pieces that your body can absorb. In addition to processing food and liquids and absorbing nutrients, there are many ways in which the digestive system can impact our well-being and vice versa. However, like most people, you may have a vague understanding of how digestion works. On top of that, you may endorse bizarre beliefs that could harm your overall well-being. Therefore, to arm you with the correct information required to make the right health choices for your body, Blue lagoon Med-spa has debunked two of the most widely believed myths about colon health.

Myth 1: Colonics are not necessary
This was true before but isn’t the case today. If we all lived in a land where food is absolutely natural, this would be true. Chemicals used in foods cause bad digestive systems, while food that is absolutely natural will allow natural digestive functions. Unfortunately, the reality is that we live in a time when the foods are not as natural as we think, so we have these problems that require colonics to be essential. The reality of our food intake is that we consume several types of chemicals that our bodies are not designed to process. As a result, people suffer from constipation, bloating, and digestive problems more often and need colonics for relief.

Myth 2: Any food can be easily digested
This is another common misconception people have about stomach acids that it takes apart any food we simply put in a mouth and swallow immediately. Unfortunately, believing in this myth will make people neglect chewing their food which can cause several digestive problems.

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