Due to the consumption of junk foods in modern lifestyles, many people suffer from unpleasant health conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome, which can be painful and embarrassing. 

Therefore, to reduce the discomfort, individuals are turning to colonics, a procedure that helps maintain pH balance and prevents the growth and proliferation of harmful bacteria.

However, many medical professionals, including doctors, don’t recommend it, which leaves patients in two minds despite the health benefits. Consequently, if you’re thinking of having colonics, it’s vital to do thorough research to determine if the treatment is right for your body.

To ensure you follow the right advice, the experts at Blue Lagoon Med-Spa have explained certain truths about colonics. Read on to learn more.

The facts!

1. Colonics get rid of unwanted waste
There is a misconception that a colonic is unnecessary. But, the body cannot be healthy with old unwanted waste remaining in the large intestine. Colon therapy allows your body to work more efficiently and lowers the risk of developing hemorrhoids, bowel cancer, and other diseases.

2. Not all waste gets released naturally
Another misconception is that our body naturally releases all the unwanted waste. While our bodies remove most of the unwanted waste, a colonic is still necessary to maintain a clean colon and live a healthier lifestyle.

3. Sterile equipment prevents infection
Many people believe that a colonic will infect your body. But, at our clinic, we use brand-new sterilized equipment to ensure safe treatments for each client. Besides, our colon hydrotherapy equipment utilizes multi-stage water purification systems and disposable contact elements, eliminating any contamination or infection risks.

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